Back in the MRI Tunnel: Feeling as if I was flying in the Nostromo Spaceship


To say I had a horrifying experience three weeks ago when I underwent two MRIs would be an understatement.  I did manage to get through it to only have to wait two weeks to get my results. Do not get me started on how annoying the wait and our healthcare system can be. D-day for the results came and I got great news in that my brain MRI was fine. I had nothing wrong with my brain, although some of my adversaries might dispute that.  However, the neurologist still had no idea what was wrong with me. The neck MRI proved inconclusive to the point that the neurologist sat there, deep in contemplation, muttering to himself, for about 5 minutes.  Have you ever seen the television show House? Do you know the character of Dr. Taub? I felt I was getting a differential diagnosis by the highly neurotic character.  After…

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